The King’s Daughter and Son

Last week, our Kaduna Coordinator, Ms. Lydia Olowoloba and her team, mentored young leaders at Kaduna State, on how to unleash potentials and build self-esteem in this present age.

This is one of Education with Purpose’s (EWP) vision, which is to create a purpose-driven generation by training and re-orientating children on purposeful living and how they can strategically work towards achieving their more in life.


Ms. Lydia said the program was to help teenagers see themselves as royal breeds that are meant for the top despite all odds. “In this era where premarital sex has become the order of the day among teenagers and is largely responsible for teenage pregnancy, it is pertinent to educate teens on the right and wrong aspect of sex. This exposure prepares them to make informs decisions about their body, love and peer relationship,” she stated.

Speakers at the event stressed on the importance of mentorship for personal growth, networking with the right minded people of similar vision, career choice, passion and purpose.

We will agree that educating our young ones have gone beyond the usual 8-3pm method of schooling. Rather, we (NGOs, educational institutions, parents/guardians, government, and others) need to explore all aspects that impact the life of a child.

Present at the event were President of YES Club, Wilson K. John; Digital Governess of Zoe Media and Digital Consult, Esther Ilesanmi and Stephen I. Adamu.

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