EWP set to engage children with creative online courses

Children learning with the aid of a computer

The current pandemic has opened Africa up to being in tandem with technology advancements, especially in education, business and politics. Although, Africa is yet to be at par with international standards, the future of learning has gone beyond regular class activities.

Now that we are confined to staying at home, it will be best if we encourage our wards or children to maximise online information to shape their lives in positive dimensions. Many parents have now embraced home schooling, even for children below 10 years old but more can be done.

ewp faviconIn this light, Education with Purpose (EWP), in its agenda to raise a purpose driven generation, has expanded its scope by developing short free online courses for African children/teenagers.

This set of courses have been designed in line with individual, academic and societal needs, to engage children and help them understand better how to explore technology to their advantage.

We are launching soon! Watch this space!!!

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