Educating the African child is a must.

The Impact of education on mankind can be seen anywhere, society has benefited the immense development education has brought to society and like a gift, we appreciate these benefits. The invention of machines to make life better, medical discoveries, social-political growth are all benefits of education to the world. Africa has also has grown well by harnessing the powers of knowledge in the last 50 years, we are not the just the dark continent anymore but we are the dark continent that has received light.

Recently there have been stories of African youngsters who have come up with good innovations and ideas, a Kenyan invented a glove for people with disabilities so that sign languages made through the glove could be converted into words, tech start-up companies, powering vehicles using water. Wow! Africa isn’t taking the back seat anymore, and we can do better if only resources were made available and attention is directed to the right channel. The African child has so much capacity like every other child in the world. While leaders of countries who benefited from education have shown reluctance to fund child projects and allocate budgets to education, the African child has become like a bird with clipped wings, trying to fly but cannot fly high enough.

For instance, Nigeria’s education sector was allocated with 7% of the much lower than the 26 percent of the national budget recommended by the United Nations. The global organization recommended the budgetary benchmark to enable nations adequately cater to rising education demands in the educational sector.

According to Business Day online, it said that “Ghana’s budgetary allocation for education in 2018 is N740 billion, which is 13.76 percent of her N5,382,396,406,800 total budget, while Nigeria budgeted N605 billion, which is 7.03 percent of her N8,612,236,953,214 total budget.”

If the governments of African nations show this no commitment to the development of the African child then we are left to look forward to nothing . if Africa must grow child development must be made a priority. Penetration of educational resources must get into the rural areas, children are our future, education must be made compulsory that the future leaders should have something in their hands to contribute to society, failure to implement these will lead to a dysfunctional Africa where progress is stifled. By educating the African child we are also ending a future supply of street thugs used as weapons of violence during political elections and campaign.

By providing good education we are also educating the younger generation about the effect of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and empowering them for a brighter future. Every child must be educated for a greater tomorrow to happen. Yes, Children are the leaders of tomorrow, but if children are not empowered from the onset, there would be no leaders, only humans with unharnessed potentials.

Written by Peter Rock

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