EDUCATION WITH PURPOSE is an initiative that started with a maiden edition on 14th of July 2017, to solve the problem of gross graduating student with no definite purpose/ contribution to the society as an individual. It has become a norm for an individual to receive secondary education, graduate from a higher institution then begins to seek for a means of livelihood. Only few thinks of making impact, fulfilling a definite goal; and these few are the ones that have made and are still making tremendous impact in our society. They do not just wake up to start doing what they do, but it all stems from a life that has a define purpose right from teenage-hood.

Therefore, the main aim of AREO 2019 is to aligning the thinking patterns and actions of youths in rural areas to a global mindset that put them at an advantage of coming to the awareness of their purpose, imbibing a leader culture and bringing a positive impact to their immediate environment. With a change mindset, they would be able to pursue their education with a sense of responsibility, knowing fully well they are important and a major factor in building a great continent.