It is a sad experience to keep listening when Africa is being referred to as a ‘3rd world continent’. Especially when we are tagged as a continent that needs aids to survive when we have everything ranging from natural resources to humans’ capital to build a great continent that will stand as a pillar for sustainable growth globally.

It is a sicken stage to keep our nation in mental and physical poverty due to lack of self-awareness and poor leadership. Hence, raising a generation with a regenerated mind is of utmost importance if we want to see a great Africa continent.

WHY AREO 2019?

Hence, the aim of AREO is to bring African teenagers and youth out of the box by breaking educational and self-actualization barriers, especially those in the rural areas; give birth to a new set of young leaders with a leadership spirit.

This we believe we can do by bringing them to the awareness of one thing that equates all human, which is ‘PURPOSE’.

We aim to educate our folks, with the possibility of doing charity work that will enable us to help them in their educational pursuit. Either through scholarship platforms for those in school, or paying for vocational training for those that want to learn something.

Also, we will use the opportunity to seek out those that have exceptional trait; we want to build an army of generational change in all areas.

Recreations:After the exerciseat every rural area, there will be a performance of stage plays by team members. This will attract the grace of village heads and members such as the Kings, chiefs, and villagers. This will also be a way of communicating our message to the audience.

For Partnership;

We are ready to partner with any interested body or organization.

This means we will be creating a team together, plan and strategies also.

This can be on a new project or AREO 2019.


For sponsorship;

We are open to any form of sponsorship, either media, service or giving products as souvenirs, financial, organizing events, etc. We will be glad to oblige.


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